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First stop today was our old friend Tanaka , this breeder is becoming very famous for gin rin showa and showa . Last year we had a first and second in 35cm gin rin at the Nogyosai show , and this year a 2nd in 45cm with Tanakas Gin rin showa . Although young for a new breeder his quality is of a very good standard , and also now has many other varietys of equal quality . First of all we bowled many kujaku and finally settled on six females , including a gin rin one .( The Kujakus colour was a little bit light , but when they are in the uk q/tined in outside water this will get much stronger !) . There were so many good ones i decieded on taking a few more and make a box up with other varietys .Two kujakus from the first selection were kept , and then a showa was bowled , "takai" was the breeders comment ( expensive ! ) , i could see the quality and knew it was going to cost , then the breeder said that it was male and gave me a very good price , once again im not going to get into the male /female thing , but this fish at the price was very good value for money so i couldnt refuse . Then a gin rin matsubakawabake , platinum ogon and a shiro utsuri were also purchased . The breeder did not want to part with the shiro cliaming it was tategoi , but a deal was struck and the koi was purchased . I was really trying to buy koi other than showa , but this breeder has some lovely examples , so again another four were purchased , two of which were more expensive and unsexed but i was so happy with the quality i didnt see the need to worry ! I said to Tanaka san , no more showa , so he showed us some other examples, a stunning 45cm plus female sansai gin rin orenjii ogon , beni kumonryu and a very unusual gin rin scaled hariwake . We left feeling very happy with the purchases , and its easy to see why he is one of my favourite breeders . From here it was the long drive back to Nagyoka to visit some breeders who would have some more unusual varietys . At Kase we selected 10 nisai of very wierd and wonderfull koi , Goshiki asagi , Doitsu goshiki , Beni kikikoryu , Ki kikikoryu , kindai showa , ginga and gin rin ginga . Its always a pleasure to visit here as he is such a nice guy and the welcome is always good as is the price and health of the fish . From here we popped into Suda where he had some nice gin rin yamabuki ogons , but no one was around so we could not purchase any . We then went to Aoki where we saw his stunning Goshikis , ive always said ill buy his goshiki when i see them at sansai to see how they develop , well rest assured , he now has them at three years and they are as good as the tosai so i will be now buying them. The quality at this breeders is amazing , ill go back next time when i have more time .While in the area we passed Ikarashi , another metalic breeder who breeds nice yamabuki ogons as well , again the fish were very nice , and he offered us to hand pick tosai , but time was against us as we had train to catch and it would have meant seine netting the pond , shame as there were many varietys there .From here it was 7-11 for egg sandwiches , and then the drive to Nagyoka for the train to Narita , where we will stay over for the night to catch the plane on Sunday for our return to the uk .