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After lunch we visited the tosai house of Marudo , we were invited into his tatgoi house and was amazed at the quality of his go sanke , and the size , these were already 30-40cm and with another 3 mths in heated water and heavy feeding before they return to the mudpond . We then went round to the main fish houses and he offered us some smaller (18-22) very nice tosai showa , so between us we took them all as at the moment getting to sekiguci is proving to be very difficult due to the snow ! The photo is just some of the koi that will be arriving . Finally after getting some tosai ( one of the main reasons for the trip ) i felt that i was having a good day and i had controlled my self quite well and not bought anything too big or expensive , that was about to change . Fresso expressed an intereast in buying a nice shiro utsuri for his own pond so Marudo took us to a pond of yonsai shiro utsuri . The shiros were excellant quality , a koi of superb grade was bough by Fresso and i couldnt contain myself , within seconds i had what i thought was the next best koi in a bowl , she was fantastic , a great body , nice skin and high quality sumi . Only one hurdle , i thought this was going to be the most expensive koi i have ever bought , at 70cm , female and from Omosaku bloodline , this was not going to a be a cheap koi ! The price was not too bad at all , but way over budget for me , but i was prepered to move as i wanted this koi , the breeder explaned that she was good to go through 80 cm and came back with a slightly better price and that was it , sold to the large bloke with an angry wife .For a short video of the shiro go to