Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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If your looking at a new filter with low maintanace , then look no further at the Oase drum machines , they start with the compact which is a small drum and moving bed filter in one unit . They then go up to a full size drum and separate moving bed modules which can be added to later on . Both models come in pump fed and gravity fed , and are always in stock at Gatwick Koi ! These really are the ultimate plug and play , three pin plug and your away ........................  Prices start from £1999.95

                                                                               The Oase compact drum , drum and moving bio bed filter all in one !





                                                                                                     Its bigger brother m the premium drum .