We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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When i arrived yesterday i was quiet happy to see about a metre of snow laying around the outskirts of Ojiya . Although the thought of this would lead to a major melt down back in the uk , this is fairly every day stuff to the Japanese , and bering in mind it was raining as well i felt pretty good about getting round the mountains ok . That was untill speaking to the agent when he annouced that in Feb snow usually followed rain . So when i got up this morning i was horrified to see snow heavily falling out of the sky , so off with the trianers , back on with the boots , hat , gloves , heavy jumper etc etc untill i represented a 20 stone looking paddington bear ! Fully dressed for the occasion and a hearty cold fish and meat breakfast it was off to face whatever the weather and moutains would throw at us ! First stop Yamazaki koi farm , we seem to be doing much more buisness with this breeder and today we picked up some nice koi there again . After looking in the normal nisai and catching some platinum and matsuba ogons , i asked if he had some higher quality koi , he took us to what i thought was the sold pond , and said all the nisai are for sale . So i started bowling and got a very nice female showa and 3 sanke , then some very nice aigoromo and kujaku . All in all a few very nice boxes of koi , and some of the go sanke will sell very quickly as we have many people asking for better quality smaller go sanke . Ill be posting the blog in two or three sections if i have bought a lot so its easier to see where the koi have come from if you wish to referance them , also if im honest im having a technology breakdown with a new pc equipped with the all singing , heart breaking , bad language making windows 8 !!! Pictures in order , female showa around 35cm , female sanke 30-35cm ,pair of aigoromo one male and one female , pair of sanke one male one female , kujaku 30-35cm , matsuba ogon , platinum and matsuba ogon around 35cm , Kohaku 35-40cm as it was big and cheap , a doitsu , scaled and a gin rin platinum ogon all 30-35cm , four doitsu hariwake 30-35cm , platinum and another doitsu hariwake 30cm and 40-45cm , All koi are nisai!