Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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Last night we had an appointment to meet Hinori san of Maruhiro koi farm , but he was late due to harvesting fish for his main pond . So we returned this morning again hoping to sort out what koi to leave and what to ship . Very soon the farm was  busy , we briefly chatted about what to ship and want to leave again and I thought id look round to see if I could make my tally a little higher . Bowled a few showa and kohaku , but after a while decided that this level wasn't for me , so I went into the next pond and once again had some very nice sanke and kohaku . There was a stuning showa , which was small for his nisai , but kindai and very pretty , but only sumi in one peck . I have spoke about demerits before and looking past them to the good points , but different pecks it just one thing that drives me mad , and although it was very very high quality , I just couldn't live with that so passed on that one . I found a maruten kohaku  , nisai and 49cm , the pattern is a little tight now , but will expand as the koi grows , I think could be very good in one years time , so that's staying in Japan . Next up was a san dan nisai kohaku that measured 53cm , with some of the others it looked small in the bowl , but the skin was lovely so that's staying as well . Yesterday Hinori harvested a sanke , the skin was out of this world , sumi brilliant and the pattern made it a winner , so while he was grading the fish I pointed at me and the fish together , he laughed and said " takai " , I said how expensive  he then just said very .Sometimes when a breeder is doing something , he cant just price a koi , he wants to look at it and see its value in a bowl , half the art in Japan is to know when to back off , so I did and asked him to reserve it for me and id come back when he wasn't busy.

So anyway in the bowl it went , and my god it wasn't cheap ! Two more koi went in the bowl what I thought was  yonsai sanke and kohaku . Nope they were sansai 64 cm a piece , his fish were really starting to grow , forgot to say the nisai sanke was 56cm ! The sansai kohaku was discussed at length , when the rice was given I decided that I didn't like her that much , but then I couldn't let her go back to the pond . Hinori wnt into sales over drive , big body , big body , will grow big . I couldn't work out what I liked about this fish , it was really bugging me , then I realised what it was , there was nothing that I didn't like ! Might sound a bit strange , but that's the best way I can describe it , body skin and pattern were good , and the beni very good ,and at 64cm sansai  it was another contender to stay in Japan . The last koi in the running was the sansai sanke , brute of  a body , and I loved the pattern , had a kind of tategoi feel to it . I had seen this fish earlier in the week and got it priced , and I was in at the deep end this time . With five in the bowl , heated negotiations begin , and I really believed the kohaku was a little too expansive , but he was having none of it , so I played the joker " all of them " he looked as surprised as I did when I realise what I said . But he is a very fair man , and we agreed a price on all of them . So all five will stay in Japan next Summer , looks like we could have a nice collection of koi next harvest if all goes well ! There has been a lot of talk about Azukari , with the risks and the outcomes being good , the bad and the ugly ! But I trust Hinori san totally , and the quality of his koi are getting better and better , and so are the results of the fish we leave with him . Some of the koi we have left this year and last year are at a new level , will we sell them in the uk ? Who knows , one or two have , but what can we do but try , if not ill keep them here till they are ready to show in Japan ! On the way out we met a Dutch college , who was coming to see Hinori , did you buy the nisai sanke he asked , yes I did , he called me a very rude name and walked off lol , Hinori was good to his word and didn't sell the koi when my friend asked earlier in the day !


We took a short drive and visited the koi show , it was won with a Kohaku of 94cm by Marudo koi farm , very pleased for them all , hard working family with great koi and service . I took a few pics of some of the koi and had a mill round and chatted to old and new friends . Hers a few pics of some of the show , close up is one of a Yamamatsu sanke , kiwa was very nice  , hope it shows up in the pic !


The rest of the afternoon was spent with the Sakai family drinking saki  at Yamamatsu koi farm , well I drunk it and they just laughed at me . Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the after show party . Not a bad evening and came home as sober as I went , so at least the blog is done tonight lol!