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As i write this its 4.45 am and im packed and ready to go home . This was another fantastic trip and im very pleased with the koi we have bought . The fish we had left all came out with fantatsic results , and im looking forward to next year when we see the next lot that are harvested that we purchsed this week . The only thing we diddnt get to see was the three sanke we have left at Yamamatsu , two of those are now sold to a dealer in Europe , so only one of them is now my property , im sure my agent will forward the pictures of the koi when they are harvested .I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as i have writing it , any conclusions ,? The weak pound isnt helping the industry or the hobby , most breeders are really trying to help in any way they can , and if im honest , the fish prices out in Japan are some of the best ive seen , unfortunately that doesnt translate well landed with the shipping into pounds . For the dealers who were flowing the trade page im sorry i diddnt offer more , but with my hospital visit i couldnt contact enough people to make it work properly , how ever if there is anything you see on the website , please feel free to contact me .Hopefully we have raised the quality of koi that we are buying now , thanks for all your emails and comments , it is appreciated . Next years trip is already going to be planned in the next month or two as i already have a few people intereasted , if you fancy joining me next year , feel free to call the shop or email me .When i get home ill put some pictures of sceneary that i have taken on the blog as many of you have asked ......................Gary