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             Please dont worry about the koi for sale page being empty . Around this time every year , we remove all the koi , and re add them along with correct measurements , correct ages and sometimes updated pictures and videos . Also we are off to Japan on Monday the 14th October , for two weeks of koi buying , where the new koi will also be added to the website . 

             If you want to follow my travels , then go to the home page , top right hand side , and click Japan Blog , here you will see first hand what we get up to  , and the koi we purchase . All koi when shipped to the uk , will go through our strict 6-7 week quarantine , and can be purchased at anytime once they are on the website . First message or email me , then ring the shop and pay for the koi . Koi can be held with a 50 percent non refundable deposit . If you are unhappy with any koi , it can be swapped , or a credit note issued for the amount paid . Koi can be also overwintered for an extra charge . My email    Shop number 01293 851444 .