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Today we launch our first ever show and grow style competition. We have never done this before , as so many people want so many different things from a competition , so to try and include everyone , we are having two this year, and trying to do something a little different. The first one is called Azukari and show (todays one), and the other Try your eye which be later on in the week.
Azukari and show : We have 26 koi purchased from Narita koi farms open day , these are from Marudo, Dainichi, Omosako, Sakai fish farm and Maruyama. They are jumbo tosai , and will be grown on under the watchful eye of Ryuki Narita at his farm . In the Autumn they will be judged by Ryuki Narita himself and then shipped to the UK as nisai . First prize will be the 43cm tosai sansan kohaku from SFF , second prize 10kg of any probites food and 3rd , 4th and 5th will recieve 3kg bags of any probites food . Last time we grew on fish at Narita like this we had koi grown between 50-56cm .
 The price for entry is £1295 per fish , they were all judged to be female ( but as they are tosai this cannot be guaranteed ) , however if a fish is lost during the azuakri , we will replace or credit, there are no refunds under any cricustances due to the outlay for us to put this on . Selection of koi will be done on a raffle basis, ie we will raffle the order of people to choose thier koi , and although we have 26 koi , the offer is for 20 people first come first served , this gives the person who is drawn last , still has a choice of 7 koi . We think this is the fairest way after talking to many customers, we will take orders at 9.30 today , good luck to all tose taking part.