We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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Its a long time since ive shared a car with another dealer . My last agent was told it was a condition of business , i drove with no other dealers . After a few years of watching how European dealers work together , and help each other out , it was my gut feeling , i was missing out . Having Chris from Kitsu koi with us , has been quite enjoyable , and worked well , i dont think we have been in many breeders , where one of us hasnt bought.

 Some places , we have pooled resources , and got some more than fair prices ! With this in mind , we started at Ozumi koi farm , this place always amazes me , so many koi , and so many wierd and wonderfull varieties . I started catching up some nice kin showa . and soon had 11 in a bowl , went to look through them , and not one had to go back , so i bought them all . Next i was catching all sorts , kiksue , gin rin asagi , shusui , kikokoryu , ochiba , some very nice ki  kikokoryu with no sumi through , almost giving them a doitsu hariwake look , kujaku , beni kumonryu , kikokoryu and a maruten three step aigoromo . Very happy with them , i tried to up grade to some high quality goshiki. Now Tom Hanks has done a few mission impossible films , but the 5th will be mine , HQ goshiki at an affordable price ! Im kind of joking , but very serious as well , it is a mission to find them , and then to buy them is impossible ! But as we had bought over 20 nisai , the breeder made as an interesting offer on 3 goshiki , sansai and all female . One goshiki was very nice , and i think will sell tonight , the other , although not clean as i would like , had a very interesting pattern . The last was stunning , very high grade , superb reticulation , and real old style ! Deal done , and we were off ! 


We have been looking for some big koi for our shop , so off to Marusei we went . Yoshikuke wasnt there , so it was nice to spend time with the father , and then he showed us round . A customer wanted a nice female ogon , and i need some for the shop , we found some very nice sansai , around 55cm , and soon had many in the bowl , along with some very nice Mizuho ogons , and two bigger karishgoi and matsuba around 70cm .Not high quality , but two big cheap koi .


After lunch Kase called us , we have been trying to get there for days , every time we have called he has nearly sold out . This time we were in luck , he had harvested shiros , and had a lot of stock . So over we went . First job was to go through the news nisai shiros , around 35cm , but skin and sumi was incredible . I soon had a bowl of shiros , which three were very good indeed . then it was in for other varities , so many i cant name them here , but i ended up with , gin rin shiro , shiro , doitsu showa , doitsu kin ki utsuri , doitsu kin showa . 


 Time was passing so quick today , it was getting dark , and i had a shiro that i liked , but was reserved by some else , and diddnt buy it , so off to Chogoro to take  second look . The koi was bowled , and it had only one black peck , and the body was massive , but the pattern was excellent along with the skin quality . Also there was an exceptional gr matsukawabake , male but superb ! A deal was struck , and i bought both . The shiro my not be perfect , but is very imposing as it swam around the pond, so glad we managed to buy her . I like Chogoro , his platinums , ate the worlds best bar none , but of late he has a few other varieties coming through . We asked if he had harvested since our last visit , he said yes , and showed us to a pond where he thought most were female . I couldnt help notice a kikokoryu swim around , so it was bowled and we all started laughing , it was just a crazy koi , so i said id return later in the week , and find some more koi to ship with it , no sooner as i said i would take it , another was produced from no where it seemed , but this one was at another level , i loved it , but when measured , 1 cm over the baby show limit , but i bought it anyway . Nice was to finish a great day ! The matsukawabake , is wahy better than it looks here !