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The last buying day of the week is always a strange one , money and space is running out , alot of breeders are running out of koi and somtimes its a bit hard to get yourself into the right frame of mind ( especially when you run into another uk dealer the night before who is a good friend , and one drink turns into another , and then another , and then another , and then into a 4.30am bed time lol ) So looking for insperation we went to Maruhiro aka mad monkey , and he had pulled in some nice tosai for us to look through , unfortunately this time it wasnt really what i needed so we passed . Looking aorund i found myself struggling as we had been here so many times and looked through the koi , i really felt it was time to move off somewhere else . Feeling a bit dejected as this breeder is a firm favourite of mine , we decieded to go up the mountain to see Connias , as we couldnt get hold of him a detour to pop into Shintaro as he had offered as another hand pick of some smaller tosai than we selected though earlier in the week . Before going to the tosai house i was looking at all of the nisai and bigger koi . Saito then offered us some nisai that were very resonably priced , but i just couldnt get into the swing of it . After a while we looked through a pond of male and female nisai around 50-55cm , and althought they were not high quality , they all looked very very good value for the money . I decieded that may be if i could half a dozen it would fill a gap in my buying this week . We started off finding a few and made some boxes up , while i was looking through , Mark finally getting bored with taken pictures of the Cherry blossom falling of the tree next door , started to catch up some better quality nisai along with Saito . Beofre i knew it we had nearly 40 nisai in various bowls around the fish house , prices were given for the better quality nisai , from these we bought a female tancho showa, a female kindai showa , a very nice quality kohaku that was male , and a couple of female sanke .Many other sankes were purchased from the other pond making a total of 24 ! Just as we were going for lunch , Saito pointed to another pond where some larger koi were , soon a 5 year 75cm plus sanke and a four year 68cm were also purchased . We stopped for lunch and then after returned to the tosai house .Here a pond was netted and we soon had 60 go snake but mainly showa selected and photographed . Good byes were said and i couldnt think of a better way to end the day , buying many many koi from a breeder who i used to go to and buy one or two at ! Great day , great koi and a whole lto of laughs . Pics to follow and some scenary pics and a summery tomorrow ! First 14 pics are Shintaro nisai 50-55cm , then sansai and gosai sanke , then selected tosai