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After lunch , we visited Hinori san at Maruhrio koi farm . After he showed us round , he gave us the prices of most of the ponds , and some indiviual koi . Then he stunned us by saying he had to leave to harvest , gave us bowls nets and his wife , and said you know my prices , help yourself , and ill check the koi and prices later ok ??? I was shocked , just goes to show what a great relationship we had . After a while we had some koi in bowls , and even found some nice varities in his cheaper ponds . So soon had some tanchos female nisai and around 50-55cm in a bowl , a little stressed as they had just been harvested , but nice spots . Also some nicer priced msaller ones , All the ponds were already full of amazing koi , I know i beat the drum a little for this guy , but his quality gets better every year , i came under a bit iof stick for supporting him so hard in the early years , but now i see more and more uk dealers going in there , and wondering why we get so well looked after . You build your buisness together over the years , and those reltionships last a life time . So after an hour i was feeling the affects of the flight and travel , so we bought around ten koi or so , including some unusual varities , and lots of females including a beast of a hajiro , but by the time i had it in a bowl it had got a little lighter ! Still impreeseive beast with lovly pecks , slight trim on one , but i wasnt going to worry about that , as these are hard to find . Also a stunning gin matsuba that sould have sold 10 times over !

Maruhiro ki utsursi , nisai , female and around 45-50cm aprox 


Hajiro , sansai , female and around 60cm , big frame !


Gin rin orenji ogon , female and around 55-60cm and femae .



Female tancho , nisai and around 50-55cm



Female tancho nisai , around 50-55cm , strange spot but well placed so couldnt resist . 




Tancho nisai and around 50-55cm , female .



Male nisai tancho showa , Around 40-45cm .


Maruten kin showa  , and gin rin tancho showa , 35-40cm and unsexed , nice price so bought these as well !



 After leaving Maruhiro , we visited Hiroi , who has some nice koii in , but the ponds arnt fiull yet , so we will call back . Then onto Shinoda , where i was shocked to be greeted by alot of empty nisai ponds , thinking he hadnt harvested much , was very surprised to be told that he had sold everything he had harvested almost , so we had a look at the bigger koi then left . Thinking we might be short of nisai , we called into Maruhide , and it was the same story there , so hoping to visit another douitsu breeder tomorrow , or today for me that is lol ! To finish the day off , we visited Takano , ive got loads of orders for goshiki and goromo , but here he had only small nisai around 20-25cm  and not really wanted . So wednesday will see us looking for better gosanke , goshiki and doitsu ! Not bad for a first day though !!!!!!!!!!!!