Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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We left the hotel a little earlier today , as our first destination was Sekiguchi koi farm . This is reached by a 40 minute journey on the motorway , so a little extra time is needed to get there by 9am . I hadnt been to the farm for a year or so , as either him or us had been busy , the first thing that hit me was two more fish houses had been built , great sign that the breeder is busy . We started in one fish house , and i started bowling some smaller nisai from 30cm , half way through i realized , that although the koi were very nice , it wasnt what we had come for , so i apologised , stopped and put the fish back . We then went into another fish house , and taken to a pond of males around 45-50cm  , once again although great quality , not what i had come for . So into anther fish house , and to two ponds full of nisai . I soon had 8 nice female showa in a bowl , including a tancho showa , in the pond it diddnt look as what i had hoped , so we bowled her up , and she looked way better ! . A price was given , and the price was fair , but i wanted better , so Sekiguchi suggested 12 showa was a number he was happy for the price i wanted , i looked at what i had left in the pond , and soon had another 4 in the bowl i wanted . In fact , there was two in the bowl we hadnt selected , and i was really thinking  about them as well , but we had some great koi at a great price , so i left the last two , took the videos and pics of the 12 very nice quaity koi i had in the bowls . All 12 koi are female and around 50-55cm , couple were slightly smaller .



               We said our good byes , and hurried off to the next breeder , to be honest i dont think we had a clue that so much would be bought at Sekiguchi , and it left as tight for time for the next breeder Satoshi Tanaka , which lucky enough for us , was just round the corner . When we arrived the breeder was sitting in his van waiting , not good as i hate being late , especially  in the harvest season , the breeders have so little time ! We said hello , and he took us in the fish house , gave us a quick tour , told us all the prices of all the koi  then gave us a net , couple of bowls and a sock , and said sorry ive got to go , heres a floating net , put all the koi in there that you want . So for a second time , a breeders left us to get on with the job in hand . Satoshi , does some very nice quality koi , and i think his speciality is kujaku , so i soon started bowling up siome nice ones , all around 35-40cm . I looked into the next pond , and there was  kin showa , really nice and clean , maruten pattern , it had an almost kindai feel to it . although alot more money than the kujaku , i just had to take it , i hope the pics and video do it justice . So i added it to the mix , and had some very nice quaity koi .

Kujaku   35-40cm . great quality !


Kin showa , really liked this , cant remember when i saw one that really did it for me like this ! Had a real tategoi feel to it !




After finishing off , and tidying up , we left Tanakas , and headed back for a long drive to Ojiya , interupted by a normal stop in the 7-11 , im trying to skip bread and sugar where i can now , so a salad and a boiled egg made a nice change , washed down by the eternal can of hot coffee . Just on the outside of Ojiya we decided to visit Yamazaki as i needed platinum ogons for one of the koi dealers we supply . I started looking through the ponds and found only one that was clean enough , but a stunning little doitsu one , a doitsu hariwake , an ochiba and a doitsu sanke . All very clean koi , and nice examples .



I was then shown a more expensive pond , where there was a nice doitsu shiro utsuri around 35-40cm , Yamazaki thought it night be female , not so much high class , as really striking , and strong sumi and great motoguru , i purchase it straight away , along with a great doitsu Karashigoi , 40-45cm , may be bigger and female !!


Once again , very happy , three breeders and got the fish we required more or less , and some great koi for the uk . Pics were taken , and then we rang Choguru to see about more platinum ogons , he didnt answer , and as we were a few hundred yards away , we went there anyway . When we arrived , we saw he had a large party already there , so we said hello and went on our way . We very rarely visit a breeder without an appointment , and if do do turn up with out one  , and they are busy , then we leave . i just think its more professional , its a shame some others dont work the same way ! So being in the neighbourhood , we decided to viist Marusei koi farm . Now i know alot of you have visited this farm  but for those who havnt , i dont know how to begin to explain the sheer size of this operation . Its massive , thats all i can say , one of the largest in Japan , and get crazy busy . Known for so many varieties , asagi , chagoi , go sane , ogons , mukashi ogon , shusui , and many mnay more . I always tend to try and buy bigger koi here , he has small nisai , but i always struggle for quality in those sizes , but his sansai for me , are where i like to buy . We looked through many ponds , and were given an indication of price , as there is so many sizes the prices are not always bthe same for the koi in the pond . I found a pond of sanke that looked like it might fit what i was looking for , i knew roughly the price , and thought 55cm koi sansai , not too bad . So i got a bet , and the first sanke was bigger than the net , i looked at Yoshiuke and shrugged , he said yonsai , and gave me the size in Japanese , i felt like the bloke in Jaws , " i think were gonna need a bigger net " . So a bigger net was brought out , i was over the moon , the sansai 55cm koi i had priced were really 60-70cm yonsai ! Four sanke were bowled , and duly purchased , this day coumldnt have got any better , or could it ? I finished off taking pictures , and i couldnt help noticing in another pond , a kindai showa , shiro and asagi . I made the mistake of getting them bowled before asking the price , the asagi shook me a little , it was wayyyyyyy better than i thought , sansai and around 55cm sansai  , the kindai was 50-55m and totally stunning ! The shiro was then added to the bow , and the skin was very good along with the pattern and sound 55cm and sansai ,. I really wasnt looking forward to the price , as i knew these were very nice koi , Yoshiuke looked at the bowl of the sanke , and just gave us a price for all the yonsai and sansai , took about bite his arm off , i coukdnt believe the prices , dont get me wrong , they werent cheap , but VERY fair for the koi infront of me . it was gone four , and i said toteh agent , lets find the kujaku i hd reserved for me  and call it a day , he looked shocked , i said im knackered , my back is aching  and we have had a bloody good day ! He laughed and said i cant argue with that . We looked in the sold pond , and found a female Kujaku i had reserved earlier in the week , once again very happy , and headed off back to the hotel , i have to say i can remember when the mountains of Niigata had been so good to me , it has had to be one of the best days buying i can remember for a long time !


This is going to seem crazy to some of you , but i was so peased with all the koi today , i actually forgot to measure the sizes of these sansai and yonsai .First sanke id have to estimate around 70cm .


Next sanke around 60-65cm 


Sanke approx 60-65cm 


Last sanke also 60-65cm approx .



Sansai kindai showa , female 50-55cm approx , stunning skin quaity !


Sansai asagi , around 55cm , really liked this one as well !


Sansai shiro utsuri , aroud 55cm and female .



Thats the end of a very enjoyable day , some great koi bought at what i think are very good prices , we were hoping to harvest our Azuakri  koi at  Maruhiro , but that now looks like it will be the weekend , due to the amount of rain we have had , but loads to do tomorrow instead , so onwards and forwards as they say . See you all tomorrow ! Just one more i forgot , 60cm Kujaku , outragious reticulation  , and bright beni !