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As usual , i flew into Tokyo Haneda airport . This is great , as its close the the Ryutsu centre , where the show takes place . So within 30 minutes of landing , i was walking into the show .

The koi on display were amazing , as small as 11cm , up to , and over 1 meter . A kohaku from SFF took the honour of Grand Champion . This time around , there was some very close runners in Sanke , two stunning examples were up on the prize tables , close , but not close enough ! I spent the next few hours walking around , and looking at what seemed to be 100s of vats . Lots of quick chats , with many of the UK dealers and hobbyists that were attending , and a few quick hello to some of the breeders. After about 4 hours of looking at the koi , i was feeling tired , so made my way back to the monorail , and headed off to Niigata . Below are some of the videos i took while walking around . 


A huge doitsu ogon , and a massive hi utsuri on display at the show .


I decided to take videos of non go sanke , as im sure the main winners are covered by many other sites and blogs etc etc . Shusui , bekko 

and Ochiba . 


Doitsu Karashigoi , a favorite variety of mine  .This amazing one must have been around the 1m mark . 



Some great goshiki in this vat .