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                               Finally back in the uk , Probites recovery. Available in 3kg bags , the pellets are sinking and size is 4.5mm . The price is £54.95 .

                          ProBites Recovery is renewed. This specially developed koi food actively contributes to a speedy recovery of koi. This includes recovery from transportation stress, medication, wounds, medical intervention, bacterial- and parasitic diseases etc.
                         The attractiveness of ProBites Recovery activates koi and stimulates their appetite. This way ProBites Recovery promotes weakened koi to quickly start feeding again. This enables them to gain all essential nutrients needed to recover quickly and build up their natural immune system.
                        ProBites Recovery is enriched with Glucosamine, Garlic, very pure Propolis and contains extra vitamin A and C.
ProBites Recovery recovers from within, contains anti inflammatory ingredients, promotes skin repair and helps to quickly build up a koi's natural defense system.

                      Feed ProBites Recovery preferably at water temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius (50 F). If needed from 6 degrees Celsius (43 F). Feed daily until the koi are back in good condition. After that, you can continue to finish the bag or feed one of the other food types from the ProBites range.