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Well the day has finally come , and im sitting in terminal 5 drinking coffee ( surprise surprise ) and waiting for some breakfast . With the news ive just been upgraded to club class everything is looking good for this trip ! This trip how ever will be a little differant , my friend ( and i call him that now as that is what he has become ) that normally drives me is absent this trip due to some incredably difficult times he is going through at the moment , if your reading this Chris , all my love to you and yours , will miss you this time round ! So this time im joining with a very old friend Rob from the same company, he is very experianced , but brings with him some differances in work style . All the agents we use have great relations with all breeders , but some agents can have better relations with certian breeders ,  ie they all have thier favourites . So this time there are a few breeders we will be visiting  that Rob has a very special relation ship with while still visiting the breeders Chris and i have dealt with over the years , so could be a very intereasting trip , so look in tomorrow for more news