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After spending 45 minutes taking a slow drive to Satoshi , im still pondering about the two showas back at Sekiguchi , the only thing that could distract me was the news that the number one showa i had bought last year has been harvested and Satoshi was eagerly stating tht he wants it to go to the Nogyosai show , also stating that it was better than the showa Jerone hd bought to go head to head with me at a koi show , England one , Holland nil !!!! The koi was bowled and it had done everything that the breeder had promised , one very happy puppy ! After looking at the stocks that Satoshi had i was wondering how on earth i was going to get some koi out of what had appeared to be near on empty ponds ! I neednt have worried , within minutes we had a lovely bowl of mixed koi .A sansai gin rin showa which really has so much to do ( as someone once said a koi with future , not a past .) , a sansai shiro , some nisai shiroi and one very unusual koi (sorry the name escapes me for a moment ) Although i wasnt looking for shiros , the skin quality really jumped out you , and i couldnt resist .As before when purchasing shiros from Satoshi san these koi are the children of white tiger , a very famous hobbiests koi that originates from Omosako . Please do not judge the fish by the pics , they are a very nice grade but the bowl was very shallow and the water kept on moving making it hard not to distort the body shape of the koi . First pic is the sansai gin rin showa that may go to the nogyosai show , the rest are the sansai and nisai purchased today , please note that ALL these koi are females......................