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Woke up at half nine , hoping to have beaten the jet lag in one night , and as i write this its 9.30pm so it looks like im on the right lines . Having slept a straight 5 hours i woke feeling pretty good , and bearig the long night before i was pretty happy . Packed up my mini office and moved to our normal hotel in Ojiya . Caught up with my messages and dcieded thta i could stay in , or walk round Ojiya as planned , what to to do ? i needed a koi fix and no transport ! A quick call to Mark Gardner was all that was needed , came to the hotel and drove us to Maruhiro koi farm .Hinori San had been very busy , with all the ponds overflowing with koi . Decieded with some limited Japanese to buy some koi even yjough i was " off duty " . There was plenty to choose from , a very nice 45-50cm male showa , some other nisai showa and sanke ,mtsukawabake and a tancho sanke . Mark was on hand so offered to take this pics , and we were finished in a short while . Steve Gibbo joined us and looked on facebook and said oh look Tanaka has replied to your comment , the original post had been about a harvest he had done yesterday for four and five andfive year koi , i added i dont suppose the sanke was amoung them , his reply was when you see it you will fall in the pond with excietment . With that Steve and Mark were lets go now , i diddnt need a second invitation . Whe we arrived at Tanaka s some twenty minuteslater he look puzzled as we all clambered out of two cars cameras and videos to hand , weve come to see the Sanke w ied , he burst out laughing , and said i was joking , i havnt harvested her yet , whe i told him we saw the post and dropped evything and drove round three mountains , he felt the the joke had got even funnier at which point i wasnt amused but however Mark and Steve joined in laughing , eventually if i had a little chuckle .Tanaka has a great sence of houmour ( very westernised if that makes sence) , this time it was at my expense . But he soon made up for it by bringing out his azukari records and saying that he had seen them all alive and looking good . So i went back to the hotel feeling cntent , and Tanaka had learnt a few more English swear words , everyone was happy ! Except Mark Gardner . it was a stunning sunset over Mushigame , and he had missed a great photo shot , so then i had a little chuckle on the way home ! Pics are of the nisai purchased toda at MARUHIRO koi farm , a sunset over Mushigame