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Good morning all , yesterday i spent all day watching the news, and although i always try and put a positive spin things , we must all now admit , that we have to change how we live and work for the for the foreseeable future. So from now on , we will have to change the way we trade . We will attend the shop as per our normal hours , but we would like to do it by appointment only . We will be here , but we want to limit the shop to one customer only at a time . The door will be locked at all times , so just knock , and we will let you in .We ask you to keep your hands in your pockets , if the lights are on , and my van or Sues car is there , we are in , so please just be patient with us . We will ask you to respect the two meter rule at all times . We still have a courier service , but for koi , it has now moved from 9am delivery , to 10am , very sorry , but this is all out of our hands , and the measures we will implement , are not just for our benifit , but for the next customer that comes in the shop . All tills , counters and door handles will be cleaned after your visit for the next person . If you need any dry goods , just ring the shop as normal , and we will send them out as we always do . We are supposed to be shipping this Thursday , but if the country is locked down , that might be postponed for a week or two , BUT WE WILL NOT BE CANCELLING ANY KOI FROM JAPAN . THE BREEDERS NEED OUR SUPPORT , AS WE RELY ON YOURS . Thanks for your understanding ...........Gary and Sue .