We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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This trip was always going to be a bit tricky , we didn't really want to buy too many koi as we purchsed over 200 nisai and above in the Autumn , but this is about the time alot of breeders start selling out so you need to stock up again , also its difficult to select tosai as its a bit early and the breeders havnt done alot of thier selecting so prices for hand selecting can be very high ! For those who read the blog you will notice that the days of running round 40-50 dealers are over , we have started to sow the basis of future relations with breeders that we seem to get on with . Now we are seeing this come to fruition . Even some of the more famous breeders seem to be keen to do more and more buisness with us , as for the others , we will always take customers to them , but for our own koi we have now settled on about 10-15 breeders and judging by this trip was the right direction for our comapny to go in . This has to be one of the best trips for prices i have ever seen , fish purchased from Maruhiro , Sakai and Sekiguchi i have seen lesser quality for five times the price elshwere this week ! I know every trip seems to be better than the last , but this must rate as one of the all time best , i could have stayed for longer and kept buying koi , but room and money always run out ! Highlights of the week ,the all Japan show hand selecting high quality tosai at Sakai , kaneko and Tanaka , selecting at Maruhiro as always can be the most enjoyable way to make a living , renewing old relationships with Marusei .Not to mention buying the best showa i have ever bought from Sakai This takes nothing away from any of the breeders , some of thier fish could have been sold 6 times over ! So now i have to think about booking my next trip in April for slecting Tosai and anything else we can find! Another enjyable trip , if you want to join me in April for slecting koi and a visit to the Baby koi show , please call the shop !

Pictures are as follows - sansai showa 60cm From Sakai , the pics of Iwashita nisai from the autumn i promised -gin rin asagi, 2 x gin rin matsukawabake , 5 x shiros and showa from Kobyashi , another asagi from Iwashita , 43 nisai from Maruhiro.