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When i went to Japan last October , as most of you know, the pound crashed down to as low as 118 yen to the pound . I knew it would come back , but diddnt have a clue how well it would bounce back , or even when it would bounce back !!! So when i was buying the koi , i had to make a decsion and set the price while i was there . When i returned from Japan , the price of the yen was bouncing all over the place , untill certin events in the USA , seemed to work in our favour , when the yen rate reached the dizzy hight of 148 . Somewhere along the line we have paid for all the koi , and with all of the events through the last couple of months , ive never really sat down to work everything out properly . Now things are starting to settle down , ive taken the time to work everything out , and the exchange rate makes a startling differance ! As this is our 25th year of Gatwick Koi , we promised to do somthing a little special every month . So as a thank you to all our customers old and new , today i will start on koi number one on our website , and work through the 500 odd koi on the website , and re price everyone of them taking into account the rate we finally paid for them and the shipping . I wont be changing the nisai A page as it wont make a big differance on these fish , but on the rest it will make a big differance ! I am doing this , as A : i know alot of people have held of buying thinking koi are expensive this winter B : Special offer on our 25th anniversary , C : its the right thing to do . So in a minute , ill be reaching for that special calculator that you all so mention when im in Japan , and ill be making a start , now its not going to be a five minute job , so you will have to be patient . But ill try and get it all down in the next few days , feel free to share this ........Gary