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Christmas Opening. We will close at 4pm Friday the 23rd. But we will be around on the morning of the 24th Christmas Eve, as we are moving koi into the shop. So if you need anything please message and we can open by appointment. We will then re open on the Thursday the 29th, and close again Friday 30th at 4pm. We will be closed then until Tuesday the 3rd January when we will reopen at 9.30. We wont open on the 28th, due to a shipment arriving from the South of Japan. The first of our auctions finish tomorrow morning, and we have added more to the auction page, so pop on to the site and have a look. Golden corn, hi utsuri, Isa showa, Omosako shiro, Oyama kawarigoi, a very nice beni kikokoryu from Yagenji  and even a tancho showa.
            Next to go on the website this yonsai karashigoi from Yagenji.
.yagenji yonsai