Next auction Thursday 25th July 8pm. All new tosai, just out of quarantine. Then Friday 26th 8pm, various koi new nisai and tosai.
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Just to let everyone know, we have reset the fish page back to 001 . This so we can up date all fish details ie one year older, and take new videos and pictures when we have time. It also coincides with the harvest and new fish purchases. All fish will be added one by one to the new pages, and we are already adding new koi purchased from Japan. A lot of the old koi will also go through the auction. We are auctioning many many koi, the reason is we have to rebuild the Annex. It was temporary built 15 years ago, so has served us well. One has been rebuilt and used this season, the next is waiting for fibre glassing. Also if im honest, Sue and myself have never had more than a weekend off, and after this year we want to get koi stocks as low as we can so we can have a holiday.