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         Good start  to the day , diddnt think i was buying  much , news from the South , takigawa hand selected tosai , and 16 jumbo tosai from Momotaro . 



  Only one stop today , and that’s to Maruhiro .We had to go back , and measure , take  pictures and videos of the koi we are leaving in Japan , and then make my way back to Tokyo . . A nisai shiro utsuri , yonsai showa , three step sansai sanke , sansai tancho sanke  ,two step sansai sanke and a sansai hi utsuri . The fish were very impressive , and now the water was a lot clearer than the previous night . you could really see the skin quality on the sanke was very good ! The hi utsuri and the showa looked massive . the tancho sanke was the icing on the cake , the sumi was awesome . Pleased with them all . 

Sansai sanke , 61cm and female . 

Yonsai showa 73xm and female .


Sansai sanke , female and 57cm 


Sansai Hi utsuri , 63cm and female 


Sansai tancho sanke , 58cm and female .


Shiro Utsuri 53cm , female and nisai .


            We then spent some time with Hinori , sorting out which of our azukari  koi to leave in Japan , that were harvested last year .It was decided to leave them all again , 23 koi now in total , all going back to the mudpnds .


All the koi going back to the mudponds , full details on the website .


               We then retired to the coffee hut , where we joined by our friends, a  Dutch dealer and magazine owners . We spent the rest of the morning , drinking  and chatting , nice way to relax before the long journey to Tokyo . It was a shame to have to break up the party , but I really wanted to get the travelling out of the way , and have some time in Tokyo . So all our good byes done , Hinori shook my hand , and then gave me a hug , which is a bit unusual in Japan , a sign that there is friendship there as well as a good business relationship .



           We drive over the top of the mountains , and down to Nagaoka city , punctuated with a few stops for pictures . I arrived at the station , and within  14 minutes I was on the bullet train , bound for Tokyo. So here I am , now writing the blog , at around 150 miles an hour . The trip finally over , and although I enjoy the trip , once its done , its done , and once I start travelling , that’s it , I just want to get home to my family  . Was it a good trip ? Of course , when isn’t it ? We have hand selected massive amounts of tosai , a whole lot of nice nisai at very good prices , and even some higher quality nisai and sansai. Probably one of the widest selections we have ever purchased ,  with koi for all budgets . We have left very high grade tosai with Yamamatsu , and lots more left in the care of Maruhiro . So over all a very good trip , and I hope you enjoyed reading all about it . Untill the next time , stay safe and enjoy koi …………………………………Gary