We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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              Good morning to you all . I am now airside waiting to board my plane . Ive had breakfast and ready to roll . Ill spare you the what seems obligatory photo of break fast and plane lol ! 

             For the first time in many a year , im nervous , I don't know why , im ok with flying , in fact I have my own little routine flying , and quite look forward to the journey . So , I can only put it down to the forthcoming trip , its the first since the disaster of last Autumn , and may be that is playing on my mind , it shouldn't do , as we have shipped and sold many many koi since then with no problem , may be its in the back of my mind , so that's not a bad thing !! Also I know this trip can be the hardest of the year . You literally have to trawl from breeder to breeder , to find tateshita that is available for sale , and may be nisai that have been in mud ponds over the winter . There will be a lot of koi available , but the quality is low , and that's not why we visit to hand select ourselves .So its a game of patience , until you find a breeder doing his final selection , and score big time , then it can be a almost miraculous trip  ! I havnt done this late a trip for many a year , so I am hoping for the success I have had in the past , although know I will have to work for it , and so will our Japanese agent , but I guess he is already aware of this as well lol !

             I feel like I need to explain the recent things I have said on facebook , I AM NOT STOPPING OR CALLING IT A DAY , but it seems there are many wealthy people always moaning about how much dealers mark up , how well off we all are , and tbh im not getting any younger , so if anyone of them want to try , come and make me an offer , im open to offers , but I guess none will come , and may be I have just been affected by the latest round of comments about mark ups . I can understand it , when people go on websites and add up the value of our koi , and go wow , he must be wealthy !!!! But that is why you have big flash houses and cars , money in the bank , I have none of that , a mid terrace house and no savings and no pension , that in reality , is the life of a koi dealer , who has no second business , no partner with a business or job to lean on when times are a little hard . In not moaning , I love that my business partner is my wife , we make an A1 team , and wouldn't want it any other way ! Well may be a small lottery win so I could have the fish house that even being a koi dealer for almost 30 years , and still cant afford lol ! So sorry to be a little negative , but I had to get that off my chest .

         So to the trip , im always asked what am I going for , I always say for what ever I find , this time I am a little clearer on that subject . Im looking for nice tosai , higher quality tosai , and unusual varieties in nisai , jumbo tosai . In have many go sanke from the South finishing quarantine as we speak , and the I am very happy with the quality of these , but as always , if I saw good go sanke , I will buy them ! We need many one colour varieties as we are out of ogons , chags etc etc . Nisai ku usturi , hi utsrui , and so many more its unbelievable . So I can pretty say once again , and contradicting my early statement , I need anything lol ! Also I cant wait to see the 20 big girls I have at Maruhiro , we are shipping all of these , and will be offering these at VERY attractive prices , to help us get back what we lost last year . Heres a couple so you get an idea , sorry about the quality of the videos , they were taken at 8pm on a stormy night last October , after Maruhiro had harvested them late as a favour . 

Unbelievable bodyshape !


Skin quality is incredible !


I am hoping this will be well over 80 cm , by the time quarantine is finished !

Another great sanke ………...

So as you see , plenty to look forward to , before I have even spend any money !!!!!!