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                   Hearty breakfast,  and then off to Sakuma koi farm . This farm is mainly

go sanke , doitsu go sanke , beni kikokoryu and some goshiki and gin rin . First job was to sort out all the koi that were left at the farm this summer . Best result was the sanle that i offered to many , 61cm , female and loads of sumi through , thank you for your faith , it was justified ! Out of 11 jumbo tosai , three came out male , and they were not all left as female . The quality was very very good , few peck issues , but nothing to worry about !

After this a pond of small nisai was netted 22-45cm almost . Loads of varieties , showa , kindai showa ,ochiba , gin rin shiro , tancho showa , gr tancho showa , kindai showa , goshiki , and beni kikokoryu . The bowls were purchased .

A gin tin tancho showa purchased on its own . 

We then netted up another pond of larger nisai , female kindai showa , female chocolate chagoi , and a rather striking male beni kikokoryu .


Then on to yet another pond , with more nisai in , 46cm was the small female kohahku , the rest were 55-57cm . Female sanke and gin rin showa .

Next out was  a vary nice kohaku , superb pattern and skin quality , but was male , but loved the pattern so purchased it anyway . Along with a 56cm female kohaku , this has a little secondary between the second and third dan , and little lower down the cheeks , but the body shape was so good , along with the pattern , sashi and pattern , thought someone might like a "project "

There were some nice koi in a much larger pond , these were sansai , and i soon had three in a bowl , dues to cost restriants , i decided on one , 66cm and female . Nice pattern and great sumi . Im thinking about a second , but will let you all know as soon as i do lol ! 

Not a bad mornings work , but with the trains messing about between Isawa and Tokyo , due to last weeks Typhoon , i had to leave early , to make sure i had time to get down to the south of Japan . Im now on the bullet train , heading south , Tomorrows just another day ..........................