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Back in the hotel room , looking at the virtual mountain of work i have ahead of me , second night of not leaving the hotel room ( even for dinner ! ) but when a trip is ging this well you havet keep rolling ! Today we headed out of Ojiya towards oneof our favourite farms Oofuchi . Always somthing here , either unusual or good quality and so many varietys , its a koi dealers dream ! We started by getting planty of koi into th bowls , includng two large kohakus , three ochibas , a large 60cm gin rin chagoi , kujaku , doitsu kujaku , kin matsubas ( very nice quality ) and many more . From hee it was up to the higherquality pond , and again we wasnt disapointed , a near 60 cm shiro of seriously high quality , skin was excellnt , then a tanchco sanke of around the same size . The pond here has some excellant koi and the quality gets better all the time . After travelling back we were discussing the lack of Kujaku at Oofuchi , as we werent that far frm Kawaguchi , it was decieded to pop into Marusei . The breeder was very busy bringing in a harvest , the fish in th top pondswere excellant , and may be the best i have seen thre for a long time . We found a pond with some good Kujakus around 45cm , and soon we had more than enough and decieded on taking a few boxes . After Marusei we wet back to the new breeder who had the aigormos , once again the water still wasnt clear enough so wll have to return again during the week . There was some nisa here , but no Koromo so we will have to wait untll the sansai ponds are cleared .As time was running out and it being late afternoon , we popped into Sakai Yamamatsu to see our fish that we knew had bee harvesed  . The four step was up first , body had got even bigger and was now at 64cm , Very happy wth her and have decieded to ship back the uk ! Next up was the beast , this sanke was purchased bcuase of the body , skin wasnt so good as it had been just havested last year when i purchased her . When sanke was brought up , agan i was ove the moon , skin was great and body once gained / improved , although the sumi was down , i know we can work on that so she will also be shipped back . Last but certainly by no means least , my favourte sanke, once again her skin as excellant an Sakai couldnt stop saying how good it was , in fact it was metioned that he was more excited thn i was , not true i was a little shocked on how much bette it was .Skin was excellant , body line true, and after saing the Tanaka sanke was the best i have evr bought , now im not so sure !!! This has been mine since nisai andso glad i listened to him two years ago . Sakai also suggsted leaving it one more year , but ill be honest here , in fact ill be brutally honest , leaving koi in Japan is alays a risk , and although i would love to leave her for one more year , when Sakai told me how much the koi was worth , i knew it was too much to risk , every one knows when to cut and run  , my time had come lol !! However , if some one wants to carry the risk on , then contact me in the nex  day or two . I will load the pics in a short while , please look on the website at the videos , as some of the photos are trully awfull ! Another sucessful day ,fingers crossed it continues for the rest of the week.