Super sale for three days this week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in our main pond, and pond 1B. The main pond has nisai , sansai and yonsai. 1B has jumbo tosai from last year from Dainichi and Ogata. All koi in these two ponds will be around half price and must be collected. These ponds are around 16-17degrees. Sorry this is only open to visitors to the shop only.
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                     I thought id not start the blog , with the almost compulsory pictures of beer , breakfast , plane and bullet train yesterday , instead wait until i had arrived here at Nagaoka , and get straight into day one of koi buying . Although saying that , the days before left , were very worrying indeed

with the vary bad Typoon that hit Japan at the weekend , a few dealers from around the world , found them selves stuck for an enforced stay over In Germany and the Middle East , where they were on two flights that had changes on route . Nothing like that for me  as i had left literally left as the storm had blown itself out . I arrived in Haneda , and travelled across Tokyo , the madness of the packed trains on a Monday morning still never fails to raise an eye brow . People literally forces themselves on the trains like sardines , its so packed , if any one padded out or fainted , you would not know until the next stop where people got off , and they fell to the floor . I arrived at Nagaoka at 11am , and got the hire car , loaded up with baggage , and went straight to the first breeder , who today would be Kaneko .

                   Walking into the farm , the first thing i noticed was the huge amount of Goshiki , there is always a few nice ones here , but he had now introduced Kanno goshiki , into his brood stock which had obviously been a success , a lot more and certainly better quality ! I bowled a few , and they were some nice ones there , along with other varieties , but he had just started harvesting , and as ever the first picks the price was a little high , and also nisai seem to be getting bigger , so the packing and the pound rate , meant passing today , and return again when he has harvested more koi . Some times the koi are a fair price in Japan , but landed in the uk is totally another matter , and this was the case here , not a reflection on the breeder , just the way it is . I did suspect this may happen a little on the trip , many breeders havnt put their prices up in many years , so we cant complain , and no would listen even of we did lol ! So we said our good byes , and headed off to Shinoda .

                 Most of you know , that Shinoda is mainly producing gin rins , doitsu and hi utsuri . So sometimes on one trip , can result in many visits , to get the varieties you may need , this visit was to prove that theory correct . The doitsu pond was rammed full of nisai 40-50cm , while the gin rin pond had a few , and the hi utsuri was almost empty ! He is harvesting more gain later on the week , so not given up on hi utsuri just yet ! Many doitsu showa and sanke were bowled , until we had plenty to choose from to make out boxes up from . I was very happy with the koi we had , so pictures were taken , along with videos , and we promised to return when he had more hi utsuri . Lots of nice doitsu koi purchased , a great day already ! 


                 A lot of breeders were out harvesting ,  so we meandered down the mountain , and popped into Maruhiro for a quick visit to see how much he had harvested . As usual  , all ponds had a lot of koi in , but Hinori was harvesting so we had a quick chat with his wife , and said we would pop back when he would be there after 4 pm . So we drove down , and thought we would pop into Sakazume , and have a quick look round . This farm is probably most famous for its Koromo and more unusual varieties , and can have some very expensive , but high quality examples . Today we picked up some nisai female ogons around 45-50cm , and three goromo , which two looked to be female. We then found some nice doitsu ochibas , prices were given , and for the quality , the price was fair , so all were purchased. I had a quick look through the higher grade pond , there were some stunning ones there , the skin quality was amazing , so we will re visit again during the week . 

Mainly female nisai . 


Doitsu Ochiba aorund 40cm . 


                Tiredness can be awful on the first day , and i was really ready to call it a day , but as we passed Kawakami , our agent suggested to pop in . I really like this farm , but always find it hit and miss on stock levels , and his goshiki are world class , so never cheap ! This time the stock levels were not the problem , he had lots of goshiki , in many different ponds , this time it was purely a price problem ! He has just harvested some of his nisai goshiki , they were nothing short of amazing . He had 11 very high quality females one pond , so we asked the price , they were not cheap , and we moved onto two more ponds , and although the prices were not cheap , they did seem to reflect the quality of the koi , so i decided in for a penny , in for a pound ! Well , quite a lot of pounds actually , so started in the best pond , one goshiki had a nice body and the beni was fantastic , as it was bowled , ichi bann was mentioned , that means number one .Now please dont get all exceited and talk about Kashira etc etc , it just meant that it was the best goshiki on the farm that day for sale , tomorrow there will be another , and im sure there is another pond waiting for Mr Naritas arrival lol ! But as ususal the best koi , has the best price , but i was on full on goshiki mode , so wasnt going to be put off , and added more koi into the bowl , we had six in the bowls , three females , and three males . The males were purchased , to try and keep the price down , but that diddnt seem to have that much effect , these were good examples , and i wasnt getting a deal here ! Eventually there was a little movement , and i purchased all six . These are way above the level we would normally buy , but i have been asked for some better quality examples , these fitted the bill nicely ! Pictures and videos taken , i think the breeder was surprised i had bought them , as was the agent , and to be honest so was i a little , but i said i wanted to raise the quality again a little , so i think we did that here ! Please dont worry , we will still be buying all levels on this trip , so there will be koi for everyone . I then shocked the agent even more , by asking to go back to the hotel , i was worn out , the flight and generous supply of Red wine on it , had taken its toll , and i was shattered . When we got back in the car , it was already 5pm , so perfect timing ! Great day !