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After not the best flight in the world , i battled my way through the madness of Tokyo on a saturday  to arrive at the All Japan show . Once again not dissapointed , the array of fantastic koi were just unbelieveable ! GC went to the 98cm kohaku from SFF as expected , and a showa from Momotaro took Jumbo and from what i believe it went into the second round for GC ! I loved this showa , everything about it was exactley as i like , but although a huge fish it stillhad a youthfull look around it  and has to be a major contender for next year ! This Journey has really taken it out of me today , having this flu for three weeks , Little Mia having her sledging accident and multiple other reasons for a good moan im gonna have to go out for a few hours to try and stand a chance of beating the jetlag , so with that ill leave you with some pictures from the show , Tomorrows appointments start off with Yamazaki and then onto my favourite Maruhiro who is supposed to have a whole lot of 30-40cm  nisai go sanke of good quality at a sensible price , and a chance to see a gin rin showa and shiro utsuri that came out of the mud ponds after i had left in October , and two koi that i bought after i left to get some better measurements and pics/videos .  pics from the show , note the little doitsu showa , baby champion i believe .