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After an early lunch brought forward by the fact that the breeders are so busy , we still couldnt get to see Aoki , which i really needed as i have orders for high quality goshiki , so it was decieded to bring forward Hirasawa forward today .We were in luck he was harvesting , but couldnt do an appointment in ten minutes , so we asked when ? He replied 20 ........lol ! The Japanese are very literall , if you say somthing never be indirect , still makes me laugh after all these times . Twenty minutes later we were there , he had just harvested some large sansai chags , kigoi and others .Price was asked and a little high , we need to a little movement , he replied but you only one he said , i laughed and said no , your gonna need a bigger bowl , he laughed , and then saw i wasnt , a one metre bowl arrived and within five minutes we had six monsters splashing around in the bowl . A discusion stated , and he asked how many you taking , all if i get the orice i want ! He just nodded and i did laugh this time as i was a little on the cheeky side , but well happy ! The on to some smaller nisai , people have asked if we can get some more koi in section B nisai , £295 or under , ask and you get someone once said , i asked and i got .There was everything there i could wish for , kohaku , red kujaku , normal kujaku , chgas , mukashi , tancho and sooo many more . All done and dusted , just as well as Aoki called back and could see us .Off we went , back the way we came , and arrived to no cusomers in the fish house. After being shown his best pond of goshiki , i could see that they wernt going to be affordable , i wasnt wrong , these were some of the bst goshiki i have ever see , and not in the range i was looking for .We were then shown another two ponds , theprice was very resonable , but the quality was any where near what we were looking for , this happens somtimes , cheap koi and outragiously expensive koi , ni middle ground . We said our goodbyes and headed back to Ojiya , a visit to Torazo was called for , after selling the great three step i bought yesterday , i fancied another look round.This time although there were some stunning koi , nothing for me tis time . With only an hour left we thought wewould try and see if any more koi had come out at Sakai , including two customers koi . When we arrived he had loads in the fish house , but he sill found time to wecome us and we found the time to share a beer with him ! Mark Chettehad a look round and said thier were some new koi in a pond where is had taken to a strange looking showa .this was bowld along wth some oth koi , and soon we had two showas , tancho sanke , a stunning sanke and a tancho showa . A deal was struck , and pics were taken and then it was  time to go back to the hotel and see if we had anymoney left in the bank lol !