We still have a sale on 5 ponds in the shop. These koi are up to half price, and are not on the website, so you must visit the shop. I will try and add some offers to our face book page Gatwick koi.
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Up to now we have had a great week with some great fish bought by all our party and with the news that the yen is on the up we felt confident to visit kazuto and sakai. The high increased when we went to see the fish i had left out there last year, the shiro utsuri was amazing and when in the mud pond at 45cm nisai and came out at 58cm so i was very very pleased, next came the showa, this was expected to grow very big as the frame and the size it had got as a nisai. So rather disapointed when it came out at 55cm, went in at just over 50, just as we turned the fish over we found some bad damadge lower down, this explained the lack of growth, the breeder apologised and said he would put it back in the mud pond to repair and grow free of charge. So all in all a good result, id have a kazuto showa at 4yr next year and the agent felt that the mud pond would do wonders and the damadge shouldnt show, and a sansai shiro that i was well pleased with. Next stop and off to sakai to see our customers kohaku that was left last year in the mud ponds. This time we couldnt believe our ears, the mud pond had drained and all koi lost, sakai immediatley started bowling koi as a replacement, some of the koi were very very high quality, but had faults that english judging would not forgive so easliy, but then he bowled a sansai with such amazing presence and great skin quality, it was hard fior the customer to chose the right one but if you look at the photo i think he has done well, i have to say at this point how honourable the breeders have been offering new fish, because please remember that usually leaving fish out here is at your own risk.

kazuto shiro utsuri

replacement sakai kohaku

A retun visit to kawakami found two gin rin kohakus for our customers

gin rin kohaku

After visiting a few breeders and struggling to find what we wanted i decided to go to mano where i knew i could fullfill a couple of orders, this guy had lovely kohakus at a very nice price and the patterns were great but they looked very male, so we went for shusui and matsuba ogon, so if you ordered either of these you can start looking over the pics.

shusui and matsuba

One of our customers is looking for a large showa so we went off to isa to look at the sansai and yonsai, quality was excellent, but not out of reach money wise. Customer has taken some pics and is thinking about some options including his best sansai !!!!!!!! Our agent recieves a call and says nagashima has harvested some more nisai, so it was off to meet him. As we arrived it was great to watch him unload, these showa were great and even roger was impressed and we both nodded as they were split in two and everything we liked went in the more expensive pond, and one that really took both our fancy was placed in with the sansai, so that price was going to be out of range............ After all was finished we bowled up three koi and roger bought the hi showa, I had another showa and a kindai showa.

As it was getting dark we decied to call it a day, with nogami, maradoh and masaki lined tomoorrwo looks a promising day.