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After lunch we visited Miyatora , his fish were fantastic , many varietys and prices were quite good , this time the only 3 fish that moved me were sold out , oh well you cant win them all ! Round the corner to Hirasawa , this really is a huge facilty ,( and they have another five like it !) . The place was stacked full of koi but again none that we where really intereasted in . Maruhiro is in the same place as hirasawa (his dad ) where it really is like a visit to the mad hatters tea party . I dont mean that disrespectfull , the guy really is a laugh to be with and jokes all the time . Seeing nothing new we started to make a move out the door when one of our party saw some new chagois, being light after we couldnt get them at Marudo we managed to get 16 , along with the gin rin ones from his dad we are all now sorted for chagoi. For people who are worried that they wont grow as big as Marudo , Hirasawas bloodline the brood stock are all over one meter , and one female was 1.4 meter , is that big enough ? Also good news , Maruhiro is oing to try and harvest my shiro that we left out there last year on Friday , lets hope its three out of three ............................