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                    Today was our last day in Niigata , before we

move onto Sakuma koi farm in Isawa . Due to last weeks typhoon , there’s a lot of delays on the train , so we had to leave a few hours earlier than we hoped . First appointment was at Maruhiro , as he he had harvested some more nisai . I selected a few shusui , a kisui , kikokoryu , akamatsuba and a hi utsuri . Then a doitsu kigoi , doitsu aka matsuba and a scaled aka matsuba . We the. Looked at the bigger nisai and selected a nice female kindai Showa , around 50cm and female . I cant remember if i showed this sanke last week , 64cm of Maruhiro sanke , female  and sansai . 




                    We left and headed back towards Nagaoka , hoping to pop into some breeders on the way . We visited Otsuka who had some great koi , but was busy bringing in his bigger asagi and shusui , so we left and tried Kawakami , as luck would have it , he had just harvested more nisai goshiki , so in we went and selected two females and one male . I especially like the darker female , really stood out in the bowl .

                  The long journey to Isawa was then started , bullet train to Tokyo : and then several trains to Isawa , where we are to be met by Hajime Sakuma , and after this journey , hope to  be treated to a slap up meal lol ! Hopefully he will have some nice koi for us to see when we visit the farm tomorrow . Also looking forward to seeing all of our azukari koi that were left in his capable hands .