Last friday , we went to the farm , very late , to see our koi come in from the mud pond . 22 went in , and 22 came out . So that was a good result . It was noticeable , that some of the koi hadnt grown too much , but the bodies had become massive

      Today we packed our bags , and checked out of the hotel , and walked to the train station . It was going to be  long journey to Isawa , bullet train to Tokyo , and then a local train , then another high sped one to Isawa , almost a 4 hour trip . I always worry about long distances to breeders , especially one , because if things dont go to plan , then you have lost a day , and several train trips .

 Today was going to be a little tricky ,as it is the Nagaoka koi show , so a lot of breeders will be there . Yamazaki said we could visit , and we met with one of his staff , for our first appointment . We had a look round , and he had some very nice sansai , but I really wanted nisai goshiki .

Today we were starting off at one of my favourite farms , Oofuchi ! Athough its a bit of a trip ,its always worth it , and i cant remember a time i diddnt come away with koi . We soon arrived and started filling bowls with koi, i had Kujaku , tancho sanke  , showa , doitsu platinum and a shiro utsuri .

                  Sometimes i hear people complain , that when in Japan , they only visit a few breeders every day . Well , that might work for some , but we try and do a little more in a day , with the volume of koi we need to buy on one trip , that doesnt work for us . But as usual , i make a bold statement like that , and end up doing the exact opposite , and today we did just that , three breeders all day . But let me explain a little more ...................