Good start  to the day , diddnt think i was buying  much , news from the South , takigawa hand selected tosai , and 16 jumbo tosai from Momotaro . 

After visiting Yamamatsu yesterday , we were promised a hand selection of some very high grade tosai . At one point i considered buying the whole pond , but the money involved was outrageous , in fact , if im honest ,

       The main topic of conversation , among dealers in the hotel , is that most are struggling to find koi . Different dealers are looking for differant things , some are trying to buy whole ponds to get a good price , some  are just after selecting cheap koi , some are selecting very high quality . But all are saying the same thing ,they are  buying koi , but finding things hard going . We have done well i think , with a cross section of koi , of all varietys , sizes and quality .The one reason i think is , i have long given up making plans when coming to Niigata .

My original plan was to head down the South of Japan , to carry on the success of my visit there in the Autumn . But to be honest , things are going so well up here , and im being offered nice koi by our agent based down there , it makes sense to leave him to do his job down there .

          I think its fair to say , were not known for stocking a lot of tosai , but with us moving into supplying the trade more and more , its something we need to change . Our core business , has always been nisai , and jumbo tosai , with just of late us stocking 3, 4 and 5 year old koi as much as anyone else in the UK .