Next auction Friday 21st 8pm CRAZY £10 STARTS. Saturday 22nd is a little special, this years Dainichi tosai, all come with a breeders certificate. SALE ON LAST SEASONS KOI STILL CONTINUES.
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A095 Auction koi- please read the notes in the description.

Variety: Bekko
Breeder: Takigawa
Size: Approx 45-48cm
Sex: Female
Age: Nisai
Azukari: No
Quarantine Status: Completed

Winning Bid: £95.00

This auction is under proxy bidding.


Female nisai left from the Summer. Nice skin quality and more sumi will come through in UK water. Low starting price so we can not keep this koi, and must be collected or shipped within a week of the auction. Koi can shipped at a cost of £30 per box, up to 3 koi this size can go in one box. PLEASE BE AWARE IF SOMEONE BIDS IN THE LAST MINUTE OR SO, THE AUCTION WILL RESET FOR A FURTHER TWO MINUTES. WE ARE AWARE OF A PROBLEM AT THE END OF THE AUCTIONS, SOMETIMES YOU MAY SEE END OF AUCTION POP UP, THIS MANY NOT BE THE CASE, PLEASE WAIT FOR TEN SECONDS, AS IT SEEMS SOMETIMES IF SOME ONE BIDS LAST SECOND, OR HAS AN AUTO BID ON, THE AUCTION ISNT FINISHED AND WILL REST FOR TWO MINUTES.

Total Bids Placed:

Auction has expired

Highest bidder was: m*********n

Bidder Name Bidding Time Bid Auto
m*********n 19/02/2023 4:24 PM £95.00
a****o 19/02/2023 3:11 PM £90.00
m*********n 19/02/2023 3:11 PM £85.00 Auto
m*********n 19/02/2023 9:09 AM £65.00
a****o 19/02/2023 9:09 AM £60.00 Auto
a****o 17/02/2023 9:59 AM £55.00
a**********7 17/02/2023 9:59 AM £50.00 Auto
a**********7 17/02/2023 7:36 AM £25.00
a****o 17/02/2023 7:36 AM £20.00 Auto
a****o 17/02/2023 1:35 AM £6.00
a**********7 14/02/2023 8:54 PM £1.00
Auction started 12/02/2023 5:59 PM

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