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Yamamatsu Sanke

ID No: 470
Variety: Sanke
Breeder: Yamamatsu
Size: 24-28cm approx
Sex: Unsexed
Age: Tosai
Availability: Sold
Quarantine Status: TBA
Comments: Very special offer from Yamamatsu koi farm . 7 very nice quality tosai , all to be returned to the mud pond this summer . At the moment they are 24-28cm approx . His nisai are usually around 50-60cm , and some bigger ! The price includes , azukari fee , shipping to the UK , vat and quarantine in the uk . Each koi will be £995 . I know most people think its risky leaving koi in Japan , so we will lower that risk . If the koi comes out of the pond its yours , however it looks , or whatever sex it is . HOWEVER , if its damaged , or lost in the mud pond , we will replace it ! Please dont think of it as buying a tosai , although you are , but what you will be getting is a nisai between 50 -60cm if all goes well . Sakai thinks they are all female , if they come out female , then you have had a great gamble , if yours comes out male , you will still have a very good koi , still worth more than you have paid .